Dr. Wendy MacCaull
Email: wmaccaul@stfx.ca , wendy.maccaull@gmail.com

Ph.D. Professor of Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science at StFX University, Antigonish, NS

Dr. MacCaull has research expertise is in applications of logic to computer science, in the areas of knowledge representation and reasoning, nonclassical logics and proof systems, automated theorem proving, and, verification. She was instrumental in establishing the Masters Program in Computer Science at StFX and currently supervises the research of a number of postdoctoral fellows, graduate and honours students in nonclassical logics and verification. Her recent public and private sector research support includes grants from CFI, ACOA, NSERC, NATO, CIHR, NSRIT, NSHRF, ACEnet and InNOVAcorp.

Janet Norgrove
Project Manager
Email: jnorgrove@stfx.ca, janet_norgrove@hotmail.com


Janet provides skills in team leadership, expertise in information technology and data security. She oversees all aspects of the Centres projects using planning, monitoring and controlling processes.

Postdoctoral Fellows / Research Scientists


Fazle Rabbi
Research Assistant and Software Developer
Email: rfazle@stfx.ca, rabbi.uign@gmail.com
Phone: +1(902)867-5290

MSc in computer science from St. Francis Xavier University, Canada. He has worked on the development of a compensable workflow modeling language. He completed his BSc from Islamic University of Technology (IUT), Bangladesh. He is currently working on the development of a domain specific language for model driven workflow under the supervision of Dr. Wendy MacCaull. He has research interest on large and distributed ontology based health-care systems.


Jocelyne Faddoul
Post Doctoral Fellow
Email: jfaddoul at the rate stfx dot ca
Phone: +1(902) 867-4932

Graduate Students


Altaf Hussain
Email: altafhussain@stfx.ca
Phone: +19028674863

Graduation: BSc in Computer Science and Engineering

Shahjalal University of Science and Technology, Sylhet, Bangladesh, www.sust.edu

Undergraduate Research: Gird Computing- Grid Broker Service and run time performance evaluation

Research Interest: Cloud Computing, Grid Computing, HPC, Parallel and Distributed Computing, Formal Methods, Web Semantic, Brain Machine Interface, Data Mining.


Morteza Yousef Sanati
PhD Candidate in Software Engineering
Email: yousem2 at the rate univmail dot cis dot mcmaster dot ca
Phone: +1 905-525-9140, ext. 23358

PhD Student of Computing and Software Department in McMaster University Co-supervising with Prof. Tom Maibaum.

Heng Liu
Undergraduate Research Assistant
Email: hliu@stfx.ca
Phone: (902) 867-6141


The Guysborough Antigonish Strait Health Authority (GASHA) is one of nine district health authorities established by the Nova Scotia Department of Health on January 1st 2001, following the proclamation of Bill 34, the Health Authorities Act. Replacing the Regional Health Board system, the District Health Authorities were created to bring health care decision-making closer to the community level and improve accountability for health care decisions.



Madonna MacDonald
Vice President of Community Health Services for GASHA
Email: mmacdonald@gasha.nshealth.ca

MMS in Applied Epidemiology, Vice President of Community Health Services for GASHA.

Madonna is accountable for Public Health, Addiction Services, Population Health and Research, Cancer and Palliative Care, Community Health Board Support, Mental Health and Primary Health Care Renewal. She has worked as a manager and nurse in Public Health and Continuing Care. She has participated on provincial and national projects and committees focused on population and public health, palliative care, cardiac care and technology in health care. Madonna currently sits on the Nova Scotia Electronic Health Record (HER) committee.

Mary Heather Jewers
Assistant Professor
Email: mjewers@stfx.ca

R.N., B.Sc.N., M.N., CHPCN(C) Assistant Professor, School of Nursing.

Heather Jewers' role is to assist in providing the knowledge and policies for local public health care and testing the prototype.

Jane Newlands (formerly MacIsaac)
Manager of Seniors Health and Continuum of Care for GASHA
Email: Jane.MacIsaac@gasha.nshealth.ca

BSc, BScPT, Manager, Primary Health Care and Seniors Health, GASHA EXTRA Fellow, CHSRF (Canadian Health Service Research Foundation)

Janes role is to assist in providing the knowledge and policies regarding Seniors Wellness and Chronic Care and testing the prototype.

Tom Maibaum
Canada Research Chair in the Foundations of Software Engineering
Email: tom at maibaum dot org
Phone: +1 905 525 9140 ext 26627

Website: http://www.cas.mcmaster.ca/~maibaum/Toms_Mac_Site/Home_Page.html

Dr. Hao Wang
Post Doctoral Fellow
Email: hwang@stfx.ca
Phone: + 1 (902) 867 5268

Ph.D. and B. ENG from South China University of Technology.

He is curently doing post.doc. at United Nations University - International institute for software technology (UNU-IIST), still doing research on Health Informatics and actively collaborating with our group. He was funded through the Centre and by ACEnet/Sun Microsystems Research Fellowship for the project titled Parallel Approaches to Model-Checking Verification. Assistant Professor at Guangdong University of Technology and acting Principal Investigator of Research on New Fair Exchange Protocols" (063022).

Website: http://member.acm.org/~iswanghao

Yngve Lamo
Associate Professor, Bergen University College
Email: yngve dot lamo at the rate hib dot no
Phone: 55 58 75 67

Field of Study: algebra, databases, data structures, ICT, java, logic programming, mathematical methods, modeling, program development


Cara Stewart
Clinical Associate at St. Francis Xavier University School of Nursing
Email: cstewart@stfx.ca
Neil Foshay, Ph.D
Chair, Business Information System
Email: nfoshay@stfx.ca
Peter Poole, Ph.D
Professor of Physics and Canada Research Chair in Modeling and Computer Simulation
Email: ppoole@stfx.ca




Postdoctoral Fellows


Adrian Rutle
Post Doctoral Fellow
Email: adru at hials dot no
Phone: (+47) 701 61613

Ph.D. in Computer Science, Programming Theory and Software Engineering, from University of Bergen, Norway. Adrian Rutle has worked on the development of Diagram Predicate Framework (DPF), a formal framework for (meta)modelling, model tranformation and version control of models -- the building blocks of model-driven engineering. The framework combines the intuitivity of diagrammatic modelling with the rigour of formal methods. His contributions in CLI is the application of MDE-methodologies and techniques in compensable workflow management systems.

Website: http://folk.uib.no/st07930/

Dr. Ji Ruan
Post Doctoral Fellow

B.A. from Peking University, M.Sc. from University of Amsterdam, Ph.D. from the University of Liverpool

He was working on the research project "Building Decision-Support   Through Dynamic Workflow Systems for Health Care", funded by Atlantic   Innovation Fund (AIF).

Website: http://people.stfx.ca/jruan


Dr. Hao Wang
Post Doctoral Fellow

Ph.D. and B. ENG from South China University of Technology.

He worked on the project titled Parallel Approaches to Model-Checking Verification, funded through the Centre and by ACEnet/Sun Microsystems Research Fellowship.



Dr. Cristian Cocos
Post Doctoral Fellow
Email: cristi@ieee.org
Phone: + 1 (902) 867 4931

MSc Electronics from Polytechnic Institute, Bucharest, BA Philosophy from Bucharest University, MA, Ph.D. Philosophy, University of Western Ontario (UWO), MSc-ABD Computer Science, UWO.

Teaching Assistant and Instructor Computer Science and Philosophy, UWO. Scientist and Ontologist, Institute for Formal Ontology and Medical Information Science (IFOMIS), Saarland University.


Abdur Rakib
Post Doctoral Fellow
Email: go4rakib at gmail dot com

He obtained his PhD in Computer Science from the School of Computer Science at the University of Nottingham, U.K.

He was working on formal modelling and verification of ontology-driven distributed rule-based agents, and their applications to social complex systems such as, for example, health-care systems.

Graduate Students


Md. Rokan Uddin Faruqui

MSc in computer science from St. Francis Xavier University, Canada.

Topic of MSc Thesis: Scalable reasoning over large ontologies.

Research Interest: Ontologies and Semantic Web, Multi-Agent Systems, Model Checking and Database


Md Zahidul Islam

MSc in computer science from St. Francis Xavier University, Canada.

Topic of MSc Thesis: A framework for automated verification of workflow using timed temporal logic in a distributed memory environment

Conan Li

MSc in computer science from St. Francis Xavier University, Canada.

Topic of MSc Thesis: Towards a framework for real-world scheduling problems

Nazia Leyla

Topic of Thesis: A Personalized Access Control Framework for Workflow-based Healthcare Information

Ahmed Mashiyat

Topic of Thesis: Distributed Verification of Time Constrained Workflows

Keith Miller

Topic of Thesis: Timed BDICTL Verification of Ontology Driven Workflow in a Shared Memory Environmen


Fahim Imam

He won Best Thesis award for his graduate research!

Topic of Theses: An Inconsistency Tolerant Approach to Ontology Merging


Jeff Dallien

Topic of Thesis: Workflow Verification for Health Care


Mohammad Mahedi Hasan

Graduation: B. Sc. in Computer Science & Engineering, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh

Research Interest: Formal methods, Software engineering, Distributed computing, Speech recognition, Artificial intelligence, Parallel programming & data mining.


Undergraduate Students / Research Assistants


Rachel Embree
Alexis Christie
Jay Crawford
Max Graham
Adam MacDonald
Conan Li
Robert Garbary
Kenzie Macneil
Beth MacPherson
Keith Miller
Nike Fluegge
Alicia Mills
Debbi Fang
Holly MacCallum

Undergraduate Students - Interns (Health Informatics)


Ann Euloth
Tanay Sharma
Badal Dhar



Anthony Welsh
Keith Miller
Igor Vecei
Research Assistant/Software Developer

BApp Informatics at University of Novi Sad, Faculty of Sciences.

Igor Joined our team to support us in our research. He worked for a few years in Industry with Metals-Banka A.D. Novi Sad as an E-banking engineer. Following his wife for her graduate studies within St.FX, he moved to Canada, where he worked as Software QA engineer with Sandy Bay Networks and as Computer technician with Student Computers before joining CLI.