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Logic and Computation

Long-term goal is to develop concepts and techniques for information processing in the broad sense for complex and distributed processes.

Our objectives are to research the conceptual and scientific problems for the design and development of verifiable, adaptive workflow software systems. We seek to better understand foundational concepts of workflow and place them on a formal basis; this will allow us to compare and contrast current workflow systems, to develop workflow software systems with enriched functionality, to merge, co-ordinate and integrate systems and knowledge bases, to understand and reason about workflow properties and to automatically generate verified workflow protocols from specifications. We focus the discussion of our research on the following areas:

  • Verification and generation of adaptive workflow protocols;
  • Issues in integrating knowledge bases;
  • Implementation issues;  Abstract issues in workflow integration and analysis.


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Applied Health Informatics

The Applied Health Informatics Lab works looks closely at the technical needs and requirements of a given health system. Working closely with end users we analyze and document current workflow, develop to be workflow processes, based on best practices and key technology assumptions; and set prioritized functional and technical requirements required to support the to be workflows. Ontology development and database integration are integral to the development of prototype platforms and web based applications.